Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thirty-One Consultant iPhone Cases

How many times have you been asked for a business card and you realized you didn't have any on you?  Never be without your business card again!  And as a network marketer you know how vitally important this is.

With the increasing popularity of custom iPhone and iPad covers to express individuality and style, why not get the most mileage out of that sturdy piece of plastic?  Customize your case with your calling card and QR Code for easy exchange of business contact information.

It's sleek, it's trendy, and it's worth is far greater than you can imagine!  No longer do you have to worry about people losing your contact information.  With the QR code printed on the back of your phone, people can use their camera-phones record your information or visit your website instantly!

Take a look at some of the designs I created for some Thirty-One Independent Consultants.

Thirty-One Consultant Business Card Custom Design iPhone Cases
Custom Designer Business Card iPhone 4/4S Cases (Thirty-One Consultant shown)


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